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After some coffee and sandwiches on a hot summer morning Aditya and Netra kickstarted the event by inviting speakers to paste in their topics and introduce them. This took a whole good hour, but it was fairly interesting to see how passionately or otherwise the participants presented their topics.

After organizing the topics between blogging-related, technical (barcamp) and firetalk, the 400+ participants chose the presentations they wanted to attend.

I stuck to blog-related topics for the first half of the day hoping to get some good blogging tips. Though none of the sessions had anything new to say, it wasn’t a total disappointment mainly because of the audience participation.

It wasn’t an easy audience to please at all. No presenter got away without completely justifying what they just said. Whether it was the one who called Bombayites selfish versus Chennai bloggers. Or it was something a little more technical regarding blog security. On one occasion in fact, the speaker was stalled five minutes into the presentation and it converted into a discussion.

I am sure this reaction will only make the presenters more conscious about their effort the next time around. So, all good for quality.

Overall, while the blogging presentations were very basic, the loads of people I met were extremely interesting. Even with the chaotic nature that defines these camps, I am looking forward to the next one.

Oh yeah, we got press coverage too. Can’t deny that I loved the attention ;). Only if they got my name, the name of my blog, and the blog statistics right.

  • it’s meetu or meeta
  • it’s without giving THE movie away
  • I certainly HAVEN’T received an average of 15,000 to 20,000 comments for various posts till date., wogma would have been crushed to death. What I said was each “popular movie” review gets an average of 15000 to 20000 views over its lifetime!

I can rant on and on about how irresponsible these mistakes were, but oh well, this is the blogcamp report.

Here’s what Aseem, Deep, Ideasmithy, and Jim Karter, and Sakshi (of course) thought of the blogcamp/barcamp.

And here’s some photo coverage of the camps by Brajeshwar.

As usual, like any other any event / course / seminar / workshop, this one too eventually became more about the people than the content. It was great meeting ye’all – Abhishek, Aditya, Amit, Arun, Brajeshwar, Deep, Ekalavya, Ideasmithy, Jim, Kunal, Moksh, Nirav, Ram and Ashish, Rohit, Sakshi, Tarun, and The Twisted Indifferent.

  1. Hey meetu it was nice meeting you too 🙂

    Shady (Shadez on twitter)

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