I have started my personal blog!! But what a cool way to start my personal blog…writing about my first party with fellow loggers. Okay, this post is two months too late, but hey, it’s here… Thanks for a great party Sakshi!

It was great putting a face to the words of Sakshi, of course Ideasmithy, and Melody at Sakshi’s birthday bash! Also met Harsh, Shiju, Peeyush, Kaushal and Hardik (who wouldn’t give me his blog url because it was technical…hmph!!).

Oops…non-bloggers are people too! Had a lovely time with Shirin, Piyush, Vikram, Pankaj, Sonu, Nahida and Naushir.

I think this is the beginning of beautiful friendships.

  1. Hey darling, it was good fun to meet you too that day!

    Here’s to a long friendship, online & off it 🙂

  2. Casablanca fan, huh? 🙂

  3. Hey Mel! Good to see you here.

    Saw it ages ago, don’t remember much…so can’t say I am a fan, but like using that line 😉

  4. hey!

    was great meeting you as well!

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