How do people deal with it? The vacant mind, the spotless sunshine? It’s beautiful, but it’s still blank. It’s there, the void. And it needs to be dealt with. How do people fill the serene, the vacant, the spotless, the blank, the void?

I see people filling in disturbed, full, tainted, cluttered, chaotic lives with more of it. When they can do that, why do others find it difficult to fill a blank?

Some try TV soaps. Some pick a hobby or two. Some tweet, some blog.

I find it difficult to do any of these. I can’t even make myself blog till I have something I believe is marginally compelling to share. Is it the boring life I lead? But then again, a writer is supposed to convert the mundane into magic with words. Well, at least a good writer would do that.

What does one write about? I see someone as busy as Amitabh Bachchan blog and tweet like it was his religion, everyday, day after day. He has something to say every single day. Sure, he might have a team of writers to pen his thoughts down, but he gets it done. Heck, even this little girl or my son have something to say, every once in a while.

Why do I then, have such difficulty writing? My life ain’t empty. Not by far. But there’s nothing to go on about. I’m advised, “just write whatever you feel like, whatever you are thinking at that time”

I took that advice.Confused smile

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