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Haircuts, etc

Yay! This is the place where I can complain. Yes, even about the awful haircut I got. For two years now I’ve been trying to grow my hair longer. Under the instruction of my hair-stylist (feel like calling her a …

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This my 2.5 year old tattoo. Like any well-bred, cultured, family-fearing, marwadi woman, I didn’t publicize it too much. So, just imagine how I cringed when bai (my naani, maternal grandma) said, “meetu, what happened to your foot?” Within a …

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Use of the medium

We took the kids to a sound and light show at Ishanya mall this past weekend. I was fretting in the queue because they were making me spend Rs. 900 (Rs.225 per ticket) for half an hour of laser lights …

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