Sinhgad and Voldemort

I’ve been meaning to trek up and down Sinhgad for the longest time. It finally happened this Sunday with a couple of friends. Of course it was fun. I am still enjoying the sore muscles. Climbing up was difficult, but as always the getting down part bored me no end.

In a hurry to get the dull bit done quickly, I slipped and tripped…let’s just say more than once. On one such occasion, in a comical turn of events, a good friend who was walking in front of me realized my feet were losing their grip. In his attempt to save me from having a bad fall, he stopped and swirled only to have his metal water bottle hit my forehead. And now I have a Harry Potter scar.

Not to worry, world…I am keeping a close watch on the new, fully formed human Voldemort.

  1. haha congrats on the mark! Not everyone get a chance!

  2. Yeah, somehow people find my fall(s) pretty funny. Weird sense of humor, i say 😛

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