Bloggers – can’t have enough of them

Eagerly looking forward to the blogcamp in Bombay. The agenda seemingly allows a lot of time to mingle, which is what excites me the most. So, if you are a blogger, go ahead and sign up!

I sort-of had a taste of what blogmeets are like the week before last. We attended a Pune blogger’s meet organized by the Indiblogger team.

This was my first blogger meet and had no clue what it works like. As it turns out, it was an avenue for people to introduce their blogs to the participants and learn a bit or two from each other. While there wasn’t much time to mingle, I did get to catch-up with Saks and Ideasmithy and meet a few new bloggers – Vineet, Tarun, and Preeti over pizza.

More power to bloggers!!

  1. Hey meetu,
    Nice to meet you at blogcamp in mumbai.
    It seems your t-shirt and scribbling pad is still with me. How do I deliver it? Do lemme know.

  2. Wish I could have made it!! It was nice meeting you too.

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