down with metrosexualism

A few days ago, a program on “Zoom” TV did a piece on how the “macho” look is in again. As in more and more men are sporting the stubbled, rugged look. So, having facial hair is back in fasion, as so –
So, we have the fresh blood

And then the suave veterans

And get this –

All very nice. Just wondering when we would be generous enough to think women with unwaxed legs, or even a hairy upper lip are sexy?

  1. Ha! I hope I’m alive to see it happen.

    I have to admit, I generally don’t prefer facial hair on a fella (I blame it on being frightened of men with beards when I was little), but all these examples are rockin’ it.

  2. @Beth, I am not sure, whether i want it to happen, really…just wondering out loud…
    yeah some of them are really cool

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