Two TED talks and a comedy talk show.

Navin and I watched three YouTube videos yesterday. All three – must watch!

Two TED talks and a comedy talk show that is more informative than funny. These videos have all been doing the rounds on social media for a bit now. But we never got around to watching them, because well, who has time to watch 15-20-30 minute videos during the day! In no particular order, here goes –

Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems…palsy is just one

A person’s disability is not their identity. Repeat to yourself, a person’s disability is not their identity. Maysoon is not only funny because she can laugh at herself which in itself is very dark humor, but she is insightful, engaging and has a story to tell. Just imagine, she can identify herself as an Arab, a woman, non-white in America and yet she doesn’t let one of these identities take over her being.

Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame

From a nobody to globally infamous overnight, Monica Lewinsky, reminds us of how cruel we can be as a people. With a compelling and sorry experience to share, she could have let the video be all about herself and it would have been a story I’d like to hear, but she does more. She takes on cyber-bullying and asks us one pertinent question – is it so difficult to be compassionate? A question that we can ask ourselves of our day-to-day lives and life in general.

John Oliver on Government Surveillance – An interview with Edward Snowden

If the Lewinsky video gets you worked up about privacy and personal space, this one isn’t good for your health. We all know that “nothing” on the Internet is private, and even so, it is worse than we thought.

We aren’t taking it seriously enough, I know I’m not. I take it as a given for using free e-mail, free social media and so on. I, in fact, accept it as a no-brainer every time I check the “Read terms and conditions” box without reading it.

Edward Snowden geekiness is endearing. It is a complicated issue – security vs. privacy and he doesn’t help. John Oliver dumbs it down for us and how! 😀

Equally amazing is the fact that the show was aired in the US. The video is up and running. Though that is how it should be and noone needs to be applauded for allowing freedom of expression. But, we know that is not how it is always, right?

* * *

Thank you Amit Paranjape for the chromecast stick, our night time TV is so much richer now. We’d never have watched these videos, if it weren’t for being able to stream them on TV.

Make away “chewing gum for the brain” TV shows, here come cerebral video vieweing. Three videos, chromecast and so much inspiration!

Any suggestions?

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