The refrigerator story


Once upon a time, there was a husband and a wife. Let’s, for the sake of convenience, call them Navin and meetu.

And in their “home sweet home” they have a refrigerator with a half-broken door. Yes, the door is “paani ke 15 botlo ke bojh ka maara”. Because, the philosophy of this household (courtesy: man-of-the-house) is – it ain’t a ‘decent’ household if there ain’t no chilled water in the fridge door.

Come the busiest week of meetu’s year, the door and it’s owner have a breakdown – one physical and one emotional.

Navin (on phone) – meetu, meetu SOS! my honey’s door is broken, what are we going to do?

meetu – Chill first (hoping he takes the pun in the right spirit). Yeah, about 6 months ago tech support said “door not available, buy new fridge”

Navin – Come then, we need to replace my darling.

meetu – can we please wait until end of week?

Navin – ONE WEEK!?

(Translation – one-fourth of a month with no cold water!)

meetu – ok, ok cool it! (thoroughly enjoying this by now). we’ll try to go tomorrow morning.

Navin – promise?

meetu – ok, yes.

* * *

Next day, meetu is mourning at the potential of 50 to 80 thousand well-saved rupees going missing in such a hurry.

Nevertheless, Navin and meetu set out for a romantic morning, fridge-hunting.

After a couple of electronic stores, when they see the perfect fridge –

meetu (to salesperson) – So, do you have an exchange offer on any of these things?

Navin (out-of-characteristically interrupts) – No-no, we don’t need an exchange offer.

meetu (thinking, “we don’t need a clumsy cupboard, either”) – uh…

Navin – (good friend) Amit knows someone who can fix the door.

meetu – huh!?

Navin (without batting an eyelash) – It might take him ONE WEEK to come…

*End of story*

* * *

closing credits –

as gracefully as possible, we walked out of the store. the “someone” came in a couple of days later.

my honey’s honey has a door that clings on to it just fine, thanks to some handy duct tape.

if you want to see what more fun happened, become a fan of the refrigerator’s facebook pages, yep plural.

* * *

ps. ok peoples, just because i’ve been ignoring this blog, doesn’t mean you leave your comments on the fb pages,

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