Haircuts, etc

Yay! This is the place where I can complain. Yes, even about the awful haircut I got. For two years now I’ve been trying to grow my hair longer. Under the instruction of my hair-stylist (feel like calling her a barber in the most derogatory tone possible, because that’s how pissed I am), who I trust trusted, I would go to her every 8 weeks for a trim. And surprise, my hair never grew any longer!

This once I took matters under my control. I promised myself, I’d not go for a “trim” for six months. Meanwhile, I oiled my hair once a week (which my “hair-stylist” had forbidden*), religiously. Someone told me to have flax seeds (which is in general good for your health, supposedly) in various forms. And my hair actually felt healthier. So, there it was, even if it was psychosomatic. And lo and behold, my hair was longer by a good 3-4 inches.

About a week ago, I decided it was time for a teeny-weeny clean-up and shaping of ze hair. She complimented, “your hair has grown so  well!” Showed me the half centimeter she was going to get rid off from the front. And when I got home, I realized she has chopped a good 2-3 inches from the back! I was in tears.

My bad (like all else in life, only I was to blame.) I assumed she was going to cut the same length from the back!

I had a flashback, of my engagement day. I told the lady, I wanted very basic make-up because I hate the cakes they layer on you. No, she wouldn’t listen. And I looked like a white, plastic mannequin. Ugh! I have pictures, you will agree. (And no, I will not post them here even if they can be digitized.)

Doesn’t it matter one bit to these people, what the customer wants? And I paid a bomb too! Double unhappiness. Actually manifold than double, because I’m an above average person, when it comes to “being unhappy when money blows up for something I didn’t want.”

Why do I have no say in how I  look? Besides, it brings up way too many other questions. Is there no concept whatever of ‘customer service’? Should I never ever trust a ‘service provider’? I don’t ask to live in Utopia, but is it too much to expect people to understand I want what I want and not what they want. And I’m not even talking about the broader “let me live the way I want” statement.  Dress-designers, hair-dressers, make-up people, please stop telling me what I want to look like.

This is once when I won’t mind being called a drama-queen.

*her logic, which I bought, was that dirt sticks to you hair when it is oily and thus is unhealthy for your hair.

  1. I swear by my oil massages now,after being off oil for many years. My hair feels thicker, glossier (ok, don’t snigger). .. but I am still looking for the perfect hairstylist too, sigh! being a woman isn’t easy…feel your pain sister, lol

  2. @Shuchi i know! which oil? (let’s bring on the girl talk, full on!)

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