I’ve been told that in almost so many words, by more than one person in the last two days! A couple of them were in a tone that I really don’t appreciate be talked to in. But they are near and very, very dear, so they can take me for granted.

What bothers me really is that they are people who are known for their analysis and acute observation skills, both professionally and socially. Also, I wouldn’t have connected with them, if it were not for the way they analyzed or the point of view they brought to an issue/situation. More interestingly though, I’m willing to take a bet, I wouldn’t be in their lives at all had it not been for how I think about things.

So, tell me, dear ones, the great thinkers in my life, tell me according to your own analysis, how does one stop analyzing?

Oh yeah, “STOP THINKING SO MUCH!” is another one. How does one stop thinking?


Funnily, none of these people are ever likely to read this post. Even more reason to call it a rambling rant. So, those of you who have, do you know how to stop thinking and analyzing about things that happen around you…personally, socially?!

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  1. Generally you should not be analyzing things which

    1. You have no control over. Or if you do not take required actions to rectify. eg. bombblasts etc. Is there a point in going on and on about how its paki fault etc. Can these rants be useful in creating some constructive (or destructive in this particular example) to reach a solution.

    2. Things that happened in heat of the moment. Lot of ppl cant stop thinking over and analyzing things that were said, done in heat of the moment. I havent seen a single person to conclude anything from that analysis and hence have come to think of it as a total waste of time and energy. Things happen. Period.

  2. Oh no, they didn’t!

    We don’t like a Meetu who DOESN’T analyze, no sir! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!


  3. @sushrut aah, now there’s an analysis that makes sense. I think my problem as identified by these well-wishers is that I think about my thoughts and assumptions way too much. sometimes it is futile, but i need to know how to stop. 🙂

    @Shrikant now there’s a near and dear one when you need on! thanks for bringing me that smile 😀

  4. Darling, you can’t stop thinking EVER! Why would you want to do that?! Life would be so… for-lack-of-a-better-word, boring!
    That said… one can choose to not analyse (= ignore / = not dig too deep).

  5. … you see in that sentence, “STOP THINKING SO MUCH!”… so much are the words that must’ve been stressed upon!

  6. @pooj true…but where is the line? Who draws it? I’m assuming like everything else in life, each person must have a different kind of line at a different level.

    If my limit is a little farther than others, am i wrong in expecting “my” people to entertain me, for as long as it take?

  7. “Dont expect anything” is another line 🙂

    I would say analyze all you want. Recently I’ve over analyzed simple situations and botched up with close friends, at other times, I dint get the gravity of the situation because I dint put enough thought in it..

    Be natural, be yourself, we love you 🙂

  8. aah hurrhurr! “Be myself” i keep forgetting that one! Thanks for the reminder…That’s the damn mantra…

  9. This is something I keep getting told too and worst of all, from people who like me because ‘I think’. I think it’s a stupid thing to say to anyone, like saying ‘Don’t breathe’ or ‘Don’t think about the red monkey’ or something like that. If even intelligent forms of life will persist in being stupid sometimes, why bother? Think all you like!! 😀

  10. I hear ya, Idea…

  11. I get this often…mostly its coz i am lost , diggin into something that can sort itself out without you dedicating so much of ur grey patch (inside ur head ) to it…that time can rather be well spent thinking about the good times ur gonna have with the ppl around you , so essentially about reallocating ur brains resources to something a lil less gruesome 🙂

  12. @sreek it’s all about allocating appropriate bandwidth to different elements that make up life. But HOW!!?

  13. we cnt think just let watever ur thinking vanish by replacing it with something else…like for example .. if i am overanalysing stuff at work , i replace it with photography if i get too wrked up on the former 🙂 .

  14. “The unanalysed life is not worth living”

    so tell these ‘friends’ that you’re in good company.

  15. @sreek i’m a bit of a multi-tasker, i see myself happy and sad about things at once… 🙂 🙁

    @s h r and what would i do without friends like you!

  16. Interesting question Meetu.

    Here is an experiment: take a look outside your window. Kids playing. People swimming in the pool. Fun.

    Now stare at a white wall in your home.

    What are you thinking about while staring at the blank wall? The people having fun outside?

    Your friends are giving you incomplete advice. Instead of saying “STOP THINKING SO MUCH!” – they should be saying “STOP THINKING SO MUCH – ABOUT THIS!”

    And the only way to stop thinking and analyzing so much is to start thinking about something better.

  17. @Ankesh That’s a lovely way to deal with it. The thing is I’m not talking about some trivial issue, it is say an argument that a friend and I had about something. Say, saying/doing something rude and then turning back and saying, “you think too much” is a good way of leaving me speechless!

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