I’d like to see people have a little more color.

In what we wear, there’s beige and blue. Let’s bring in a little more hue.

In how we are born, black, brown, yellow or white. Can we be born colorless?

In the religion that conditions us, orange, green, white, and all. Surely, this can blend into a rainbow.

In the way we are, somber, upright and all too clean. Let’s bring in a little fun. Let our mood swings show from purple to orange to green.

In the way we think, there’s too much right, too much wrong. Too much black and white. Let’s bring in the spectrum within and beyond.

I’d like to see a little change of color in you and me.

This is in response to the IndiBlogger’s “Take Flight With Color” contest powered by HP LaserJet

  1. poetic.. and let’s bring in the change.. Great post.. and will my life be colourful

    Someone is Special

  2. I can’t agree more, whenever I chose a shirt, it is always blue or grey.

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