10 (wo)man-years of motherhood

My son turns 6 today and daughter turns 4 tomorrow. 10 years of motherhood…so quantity we have achieved…quality? I don’t know…so far so good, from my end. They are growing up to be good, independent, more-or-less well-behaved children.

But are they enjoying being ‘my’ children? We do have our, “mamma, *big hug*, mamma, I love you” moments along with our “mamma I hate you, I will NEVER EVER talk to you” ones. I doubt that says anything about me as a mother. The I love you-s could just be a reciprocation to number of ice creams allowed and the I hate you-s because of the curfew on TV and computer time. The question is, will they ever say, “I want to be a parent like my parents!” Whether I get that passing certificate, only time will tell.

Anyway, these 10 mother-years were the easy part. I surely am looking forward to the kids growing up to be young, confident people who voice their opinion. People I can have adult conversations with. But, the apprehension co-exists.

How will I react when I am introduced to the first boyfriend/girlfriend? Will I be genuinely happy for them when they announce they want to have a career in literature history?

Will I go over-the-top to show how “kewl” I am? Or will I take pride in the fact that they use the correct spelling of “cool”…like me?

Will I, like thousands of parents around me, end up burdening them with my expectations? I know this is still a few years away. But the excitement-cum-anxiety has begun.

Happy Birthday kiddos! Looking forward to many more!!

  1. I love you, did I tell you that? I want to be a parent like you. 😀
    and i want to feel like writing a blog entry like this, when [and IF EVER] i finish ten years of my parenthood

  2. Thanks, holydonkey! For the comment, the love, and the faith. I wonder if you’d say that after having me yell at you almost 24×7 😀

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