Which of my various twitter accounts should you be following [Warning: self-important post]

I tweet from 5 different twitter accounts, and to help reduce the confusion and allow people to figure out which ones to follow, here is the "Ultimate Guide to Navin Kabra's Twitter Accounts" (soon to be made into a major motion picture):

@ngkabra: This account is used for general interesting information from around the web. Often it is about psychology, economy, funny stuff, India, etc. Most non-techies should follow this one.

@_navin: This is for technology tweets. Programming. Computer Science. Python. Maths and Statistics. Only geeks may venture here.

@ngkx: This is for general conversation. Restaurants I liked. What my kids are up to. Silly remarks. IM replacement. Only likely to be interesting for people who know me personally (and sometimes not interesting to even them!)

@punetech: This is the "official" twitter handle of http://punetech.com. All about technology in Pune – and nothing else. All techies in Pune are required by law to follow this.

@punetechlive: This is for live-tweeting tech events in Pune. During an event we often tweet 20 to 50 times in an hour, and that is too much stuff to foist on to regular readers of @punetech who might not be interested in the event. Live-tweeting of any event from this account is _always_ preceded with a tweet on the main @punetech account announcing that live-tweeting is going to commence. So, particularly discerning readers can start following @punetechlive just for events that they find interesting and unfollow when they are not interested in that event.


Why all this segregation and complexity?

Basically, because I believe that twittering is not about what I want to say – rather it is about what my followers want to hear. I doubt that the seven hundred people who follow @ngkabra for interesting articles around the web, e.g. the people in Atlanta, or Portland, would really be interested my review of the @grubshup restaurant on Canal Road, Pune. Nor do the doctors and accountants following me have any interest in python debugging techniques.

And, the evidence appears to show that this segregation is working well. A quick analysis of the followers of these different accounts shows that the overlap between the various accounts is rather low, indicating that people are selectively following only some of my accounts.

But maybe I should find out the list of people following all my accounts and give them a prize of some sort!

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2 thoughts on “Which of my various twitter accounts should you be following [Warning: self-important post]”

  1. nice description… Do I get a prize ??

    If you open source your twitter client, without any expres warranties, that would be a good enough prize..


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