Fake Paper Update: My Paper has now been disqualified

Earlier today, I wrote about the fake paper I published.

Now, at 12:26pm, I received an email informing me that my paper has been disqualified. This disqualification happened many hours after the full story broke on Mid-Day, and almost a day after Mid-Day journalists had called up the organizers asking them how they let a fake paper get published by the conference. (According to the Mid-Day report, at that time the organizers responded that, “He (Kabra) might have sent it for another journal.”)

Here is the full text of the email

From: editor@iraj.in (21 mins. ago) (inbox)
Subject: Paper Disqalified
To: riaaseth@gmail.com, baldev.thakur@yahoo.com
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 23:56:10 -0700

Dear Riaa Seth,

It is to inform you that after going through the fake paper submitted by you
in the conference. we have stopped the publication. and we have not
distributed the proceedings hard copy also on the conference day. The
acceptance is mistakenly sent to you by our coordinator. You are disqualified
to attend any of the upcoming IRAJ Conference.

Thank you.
With Honor and Regards
Managing Editor
Official Website: www.iraj.in
Join us Facebook/IRAJ
Mob: 91-8598978459

Yesterday, the paper had appeared in the online conference proceedings in the IRAJ website. The paper has now disappeared. We were expecting this, so we had archived the relevant webpage at the Wayback Machine. The online proceedings page is here. Compare this with the current version of the page. See the difference in paper number 20? Unfortunately, the PDF of the paper cannot be archived by the Wayback Machine. But here is a long list of people who downloaded the paper form the IRAJ website, on December 29 and morning of December 30 2013, and confirmed that the paper indeed contained nonsense.

I wonder if I should ask for a refund of my Rs. 3000 that I gave them to ensure that my paper is published…

Also, I am pretty sad that I am disqualified from attending upcoming IRAJ conferences. The next one in Pune, happening just one week from now, is International Conference Academics on Computer Science and Information Technology. But, this time, I hope the organizers read the accepted papers more carefully.

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