These were the feelings before the course that I’d jotted down, but somehow forgot to post on the site.

As the day of a 10-day ‘noble silence’ draws closer, I am beginning to realize how important it is for me to talk, to connect, to be with people. As far as I can tell till date, everything I’ve enjoyed doing has been memorable because of the people I met, the relationships I made. And this course completely takes that away from me.

It’s great that I’ve this opportunity to enter a world that is diagonally opposite of the environment I like being in. Yet, how much ever mentally prepared I am for the rigorous meditation, I’m getting anxious. I’m looking forward to the time on my own, but every time I hear a person say, “it will be a life-changing experience…at least temporarily”, I inch my way towards restlessness. Do I really want my life to change?


Do I want changes in myself? Yeah, of course! A few changes would do me good…

hmmm…too much anticipation…

I just want the course to start now…

Zemanta Pixie

  1. So how did the Vipassana thingy go? Is it any good. My mom’s being pestering me to engage in some activity related to spirituality. I was zeroing on this. Your inputs would be helpful in deciding.

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