making the mundane interesting…trying to

A ping from a friend far away is what i thank technology for,

The prick from the silly mosquito which loved my right elbow didn’t matter any more.

It’s not like I can’t pick the phone and talk to her,

A written word means another whole world.

I can read it again.

Just like the unexpected SMS from another friend.

All the body ache and headache passed away, was dead,

The body and the head felt alive even without the pain.

There was something more than 2 crocins at work here.

* * *

An exercise at the creative writing workshop I attended had us pick mundane incidents from the day thus far and write about them. This was my attempt.

This will hopefully also mark the healthy recovery of this blog 🙂

  1. Creative Writing workshop must have been fun .. as can be seen from the nature of the assignment 🙂

  2. Excellent.

  3. @Sangfroid, yep so far so good…hopefully the assignments in the coming 4 days will be publish-on-blog worthy too…

    @Vishwesh Thank you ji!

  4. Always makes me wonder…am i really your sis…
    You amaze me with your writing… wish I was half as good as you are

    • well my course instructor doesn’t think so…so there’s lots of time for you to catch up…

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