abu hits bull’s eye

Posted by meeta on October 12, 2015

We were telling some friends about our decision to not have kids in the US and start a family only after moving back to India. More importantly, the discussion revolved around how relatives in the US gave me grief over not being able to convince Navin to stay back. Then the argument usually turned into, “At least, have kids in US. Their future will be secure.” We stuck to, “No, we want to move back.”

I was once told by one of our relatives that I was being selfish by going with what I wanted instead of what was good for my kids (who I hadn’t even conceived, yet!)

Abu was hanging around. We didn’t even know he was listening and he in what is now becoming typical-Abu style,

wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. so, pappa and you decided that you didn’t want to have kids in the US … AND … you were being selfish?!

We all laughed out loud and Abu and I high-fived!

In that instant, I was so proud that he noticed the subtlety and was so sensitive; proud that he could spot the unfairness in a passing remark as a passer-by.

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  1. Brijwhiz says:

    Not a comment… Just about a typo. I think you meant ” have kids in US” at end of first paragraph.

    Kids are the best BTW. True win as mom :)

  2. meeta says:

    Oh yes, of course. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

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