Apply for the Maheshwari Scholar Awards 2016

This is for the Maheshwaris (Marwadis) who might be reading this.

If you know someone who has completed an advanced academic degree this year (PhD, MD/DM/DNB, MS/MBA/PGDM from a top university, or scored well in a competitive exam like CA/ICWA/CS/CFA or IAS/UPSC, please have them nominate themselves for the “Maheshwari Scholar Awards” that are given every year by the Maheshwari Vidya Prasarak Mandal, Pune. Deadline for applying is end of October. More details are here:


Because it is important to have such role models for the youngsters in the Marwadi community.

As a community, we are not really known for valuing education. Some sections of the community value education, but there are lots who actually look down on eductaion. Jumping straight into the family business instead of “wasting time in college” is quite a common occurrence.

So, people who have outstanding academic achievements should be highlighted.

I can vouch for the fact that the selection procedure is extremely well-designed. The jury consists of seriously accomplished people from each of the major academic fields, who are actually qualified to judge the achievements of the applicants. (I was a jury member last year, and I was one of the least qualified people on the committee.) I can also vouch for the fact that the selection is purely on the basis of academic merit and there is absolutely no interference in the selection procedure from the MVPM management or sponsors.

If you know someone who completed their degree in the last one year, please urge them to apply. Don’t underestimate the effect such role models will have on the next generation.

And if you have Maheshwari/Marwadi friends on WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter, please re-share this.