Getting a Duplicate Driving Licence Issued at RTO Pune – Surprisingly Easy

meeta lost her licence. I also wanted my licence changed – because mine was old and tattered and I wanted the new snazzy smartcard licence.

Today we decided to go to the RTO office in Pune, all by ourselves, without an agent, and get ourselves duplicate licences issues. The process was surprisingly painless.

Unfortunately, the procedure is not really well documented on the web, hence I’m writing it, for the benefit of others:

  • If you’ve lost your licence, you’ll need to file an FIR with the local police station, and bring along a copy of it. If you’re just looking to replace a tattered old licence, just bring that old licence along.
  • First download and print Form LLD from the rtopune website. Fill out this form.
  • Attach two passport size photos to the form with a paperclip.

As far as I can tell, you don’t need any other documents.

Land up at the RTO office. The official timings for this are from 10am to 2:30pm, but when we went, the 3 relevant windows opened at varying times between 10:15 and 10:35. So I suggest you land up at 10:30.

Ignore all the agents who will keep accosting you from the time you enter the gate. They’ll make it seem like it’s impossible to get anything done without an agent – ignore them. Go to Block C. Get the official to check your account in their computers, and sign your form. Then go to Block B, pay fees. If you’re just replacing a lost smartcard with a new one – you’re done. If you’re converting from old-style license to a smartcard, you need to get your biometrics done. After that you’re done.

When we went (at 10am) there were no queues at any of the 3 windows, so we could have been done in less than 10 minutes. However, the Block C person was eating something at her desk so we had to wait a few minutes for her. Then the fees window opened at 10:30. And the biometrics window opened at 10:35. So we were done by 10:45.

If you land up there by 10:30, I think you should be done by 11.

Remember though, parking is a pain there, so might want to go Uber or rickshaw. Except if you’re Sarika (for whom, primarily this article is written, and who owns a building next-door) 🙂

37 thoughts on “Getting a Duplicate Driving Licence Issued at RTO Pune – Surprisingly Easy”

  1. This post really helped me & I agree to it word by word, as suggested I went straight to Block C and got my LLD form verified and other documents checked and then went straight to Block B and paid the requisite fees for duplicate license. It was all done in about 30-45 minutes.

    Superb post, keep writing.

    Kind Regards


  3. Just perfect explanation…i was thinking its impossible without agent…who told me 550/- charge for peocess….will go without agent nw

  4. Thank you so much for this guidance. It will be very useful for those who feel going to RTO is a nightmare. Things have changed. When I went to renew my wife’s licence with her, the staffs at all the counters were so friendly that we got the process completed in just 15 mins. Thank you RTO.

  5. This post really help me … I have also lost my license and will do follow the same way and will try to get the duplicate license without any agent…… thanks for the above post.

  6. Hello,
    Actually am not from pune so can I renew (reprint) my license from Pune RTO office by following mentioned steps/procedure ?


  7. Thanks for making it unbelievably easy to complete formalities of getting a duplicate driving licence without help from touts.

    I could complete all formalities in 15 minutes !

    Would like to add :
    a) To go to Counter No.6 in Block ‘C’.
    b) Fee for Duplicate Licence (Car & Scooter) : Rs. 264.00

  8. Well I would like to weather all this procedure is done is which RTO office ?
    1.Regional Transport Officer, Pune
    38, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Near Sangam Bridge, Pune 411 001.


    2.Regional Transport Officer, Alandi
    Road Office Near Fulenagar,
    Next to Bombay Engineering Group, Pune.

    Waiting for kind reply.


  9. Hi, There are 2 RTOs in Pune – Alandi Road and Sangamwadi Road. Which one to go to for getting a duplicate license?

  10. Hi Navin,
    I don’t have a copy of my old license. Do you have any idea ? How it works without previous licence copy ? Please guide

  11. Just went to the RTO to file for duplicate licence. The post helped a great deal. Went exactly as it said.

    Just a extra note that ****take the xerox copy of the lost licence with you****. They asked me for the same.

    Thank you.

  12. Hi Navin,

    I have to replace my old two wheeler license at pune. My current license is broken. So, which documents do I need to take with me for replacing old license by new one or only two photo copies with original license.

    Please help me for this.

    Thank You.

  13. Navin can you tell me on which floor the block-c and block-b located.
    Will you give the exact location on these two blocks in RTO building.
    I will be in RTO next week to get duplicate driving license so.

    I filled the first page of LLD form. remaining pages need to be from RTO side.

    1) will take with me driving license copy 2) passport size photos 2 numbers 3) FIR

    any things required?

  14. Hi Navin,
    Appreciate your Brilliant idea sharing with people and making them comfortable to get duplicate license without agent.

    Just I lost my license.
    Can I know following two pints;
    FIR is mandatory???
    I am from Moshi, then I need to go to PCMC RTO office??

    1. @Balappa,
      I think FIR is necessary. I don’t know about which RTO office you’ll need to go to. If you find out, please post a comment here for the benefit of others.

  15. I lost my license.. had gone today to report fir at police chowki.. they asked ₹1000.. I gave them xerox copy of my lost license and asked them to make the FIR.. I was not carrying money so told them I will come back in 15 minutes with the money to collect the FIR copy.. coincidentally My wife found the license near our gate. Then I informed the cops about this but they are still asking me for money now and looking for that license from me saying it’s invalid as I reported lost.. my license is also broken, photo not visible and the golden sim-look alike chip is gone..

  16. Hi Navin,
    I have lost My DL in delhi and do have online Lost DL FIR which i filed there in Delhi.
    So i hope that FIR wok here in Pune, from where i have to reissue my duplicate DL.
    Please comment if you have any idea on the same.

    1. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work. After you’re done, please post a comment here indicating whether it worked or not.

  17. My license is from hyderabad and it is lost now, can i apply for dublicate in Pune RTO. If not what should i do?

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