Small incidents from history that shaped India

This is a cute, fun article talking about how 4 seemingly small incidents in history ended up arguably having a major effect on the subsequent history of India. Do not look for historical rigor in there – just a quick fun read, and a quick primer on some of the important turning points in India’s history.

For example, he starts with this:

No 4: Iltutmish, with a polite harmless nod, says No to Jalal ad-din Mohammad, Ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire. Unknowingly saves Indian Civilization

And then goes on to argue how if Iltutmish had not refused Jalal ad-din Mohammad, India’s history today could have been far, far different.

(On a side note: I really hate the use of gratuitous images in that article. I understand that humans are more attracted by visuals than text, and that a picture is worth a thousand words, but to use images like a screenshot from the TV serial “Friends” just to illustrate that Genghis Khan wanted to be friends with Jalal-ad-din Mohammad is just ridiculous. And this is not an isolated incident. I see people everywhere – from blogs to Quora answer using this ridiculous technique, just because they heard that they need to put images in their blogs.)

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One thought on “Small incidents from history that shaped India”

  1. good one, there are lot of such incidents in history, and many are turning points which have altered the history for centuries, one such thing i know is, if not for vijaynagar empire in the south and its king krishnadevaraya, moghul empire would have spread upto kanyakumari and as u see in north india there are very less ancient temples (800-1000 year old) as they have been destroyed by various rulers in that period, and bcoz of vijaynagar empire, in south u still see magnificent old rich temples every 50 kms, if moghul empire had been extended they could have also got destroyed

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