List of competitive exams for school children in Maharashtra

Manjiri Mahajan has made a list of external exams (olympiads, scholarships, talent searches) that are available for students in Maharashtra from 1st to 10th standards.

Should be useful for parents who’re looking for challenges for their children.

(Interestingly, my kids’ school Vidya Valley discourages parents from making the kids appear for these competitive exams. I personally haven’t formed a strong view on this topic.)

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13 thoughts on “List of competitive exams for school children in Maharashtra”

  1. Hello
    I have tween daughters of 4 year old. I want to start the preparation for the competitive exams. I know it is too early for tiny brain but thought if I start it now I can plan “learning through activity”. Please suggest me which are the exams and the syllabus for the same.
    Thank you.

    1. @Minal,
      I really don’t think this is the right approach.
      But in any case, I’ve asked a friend of mine, who might have a better insight into this, to reply here. Hopefully you should see a response from him.

      1. @Minal,
        A friend of mine, who professionally helps children with academic and professional issues, has this advice to share in your case:

        Till 10th std, it is better to start preparing for the exam after
        previous academic year is over i.e. for 4th std scholarship
        exam, preparation should start after 3rd std exams are over.

        For admissions to professional colleges like medicine, engineering,
        national institute of design etc, 2 years of preparation is needed.
        So plan accordingly.

        All these exams have a clearly laid out curriculum and question
        pattern it is a good idea to talk to kids who have already appeared
        for the exam to get a better idea. Starting too early, e.g.
        at four years of age will get kids focused too early and ultimately
        lead to a very narrow focus and fatigue.

  2. Sir,
    I have neice one Is 6 yr old and another is 2 yr old plz give me exam imformation of these 2 children.

    1. @Yogi,
      For now, no exams. Just focus on giving both kids a rich and stimulating environment, and art and drawing and music and reading.

  3. Hello sir ,
    I have completed my 9th std and now i am in 10th std .So i wan’t to go for the competetive exams and wan’t to prove myself.
    So please tell me about what type of exams i can give online.

  4. Hello sir’
    i want to give exam of 10th,but getting a problem because i have study still 3 std before 9 years ,for giveing 10th external,4th std exam is complsery,so how can i give 4th & 10 exam help me if u can..

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