Don’t spend too much effort on incoming links

Problogger has an interesting article on the dangers of spending too much time on trying to build incoming links to your website. He points out:

Give it some attention by all means – but keep things in balance and realize that of all the factors that make up a successful blog – incoming links is at best midway through the list.

In general, the danger is that if you spend too much time and effort on incoming links you might end up neglecting your content.

I managed to increase the numbers of links to my blogs over time. In the process here’s what else happened:

  • My posting frequency dropped
  • Readers became frustrated with my content (which was obviously linkbait)
  • I lost some of my passion for blogging and my topic
  • I sold out content wise (started picking topics to write about that didn’t really add value to my blog)
  • I started watching my metrics more than the news in my industry
  • Frustration crept into my blogging when the links didn’t come
  • My Page Rank increased – but my actual SERPs (the position of my blog in search engines) dropped

See full article.

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