things sachin doesn’t know

Posted by meeta on June 25, 2011

rabad suddenly remarked – i wish sachin was our friend. (yes, yes – THE sachin, why would I write a post if it was anyone else. duh.)

me – huh? why? (wondering if she noticed my schoolgirl crush. or if she had one for him)

rabad – then he’d ask “when is your birthday?” and then…

ever since abu and rabad understood what birthdays are, they’ve been told, “see, abu’s birthday is on the 22nd of April, rabad’s is on 23rd, Sachin’s is on 24th and N’s (abu-rabad’s first cousin) is on 25th.”

I think rabad feels bad that Sachin doesn’t know such a cool thing.

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  1. sama says:

    How sweet! such innocence!

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