Strong words

Posted by meeta on October 21, 2013

I don’t remember the context now, but yesterday in a very serious tone , abu said –

“You cannot trust anyone.”

After a pause, “except yourself.”

After a longer pause, “and your family.”

I smiled a smile of relief and added, “and friends.”

he- “naah”

me – “no?”

he – “not really. until you find out they are telling the truth, then you can trust them.”

meĀ  *pretty much stumped* – “hmmm”

~ ~ ~

This morning, while taking them to the school bus-stop, rabad’s friend T from the building, hopped into the car. After the two-minute ride, abu says –

“Mom, did you realise, I was the only male in that car.”

me, a little amused – “oh yeah.”

As an afterthought, I asked jokingly, “Why that thought? Does that make you uncomfortable?”

he – “yeah”

me, the obvious “Why?”

he – “I don’t know, just like that.”

me – “But it’s ok na, it’s your mom, your sister and your friend.”

he – “She is NOT my friend.”

me – “ok, ok. You really take the word ‘friend’ very seriously, don’t you? It is very important to you?”*

he – ‘Friend’ is a strong word.

Bus arrived, kids left. I am left stumped once again.

Digression – Must admit I felt a secret sense of pride here. I remember treating the word “friend” with a touch of preciousness too. Have no clue, what it is about being a parent that makes you proud when you see your child behave like you – even if they are not necessarily all that positive. Anyway, different topic, different post. *sigh* – end of digression.

Of course, a teeny-weeny voice inside says, this is nothing to worry about. I don’t need to bring up the label ‘trust issues’. Maybe I should also be slightly worried about him thinking of the situation in a gender-specific way.

But, largely, I wonder, what life experience of this 11-year old leads him to such well-defined thoughts/opinions, cynical as they might be. If I am to give him his space, and make his own deductions and mistakes, I will never know. Oh well…

Maybe, I’ll ask once. Just once, I promise. ;D





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