shaka laka !@#$ %^&*

Posted by meeta on January 30, 2008

I was telling a group of friends how anurag kashyap hated the dialogues
he wrote for Shakalaka Boom Boom and that he wrote a post titled shaka
laka fuck fuck
at Passion for Cinema.

rabad, who i thought was sleeping, asks …”mamma, what did that uncle say?”
hubby dear – “Shakalaka boom boom”
rabad – “then what did mamma say”
hubby dear – “ask mamma”
rabad- “what is puck puck” – at this point i was looking for a place to sink my face in
hubby dear – “uh…um…”
rabad – “draw it for me”

o-kay – i shall be more careful next time. and will copy-paste this 100 times as punishment.

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