cross-check and follow-up

Posted by meeta on June 25, 2008

so, the day before hubby dear had this conversation with rabad…

rabad – “mamma, when i grow up, i’ll have a pee-pee like abu, right?” (i think i sensed hopefulness in her tone)

me – “no baby, we were made girls and girls pee-pees are different from boys”

rabad – “but, why?”

me – “uh…..that’s how it is…”

rabad – “why did you make me girl, i wanted to be a boy”

me – “oh…uh…if you were a boy, you wouldn’t get to wear pretty skirts and frocks, clips and hairbands, bindis and bangles…”

i’m thinking really quick while i’m talking…this is not the right answer, what makes me like being a woman…being treated like a woman, that i think rabad is already making full use of (read foot note)…what else, what else…getting away from the traffic cop…no, bad idea…absolutely wrong time to tell her the things i hate about being a woman…

“how will you have a baby? only girls can have babies” BINGO! (she loves the idea of having a baby of her own)

rabad – “abu will not have a baby?”

me – “no”

end of conversation….matter disbursed for the time being…

after listening to the conversation between hubby dear and rabad, i get this feeling that rabad was double-checking and was clarifying her follow-up queries.

maybe we are goofing up. but how do you tell?

this happened last year, rabad was 3. we had been to a restaurant with a few friends recently. abu and rabad usually take off their shoes so that they can sit cross-legged.

at the end of the meal…

rabad – “you put on the shoes for me, pappa”

hubby dear – “no, on your own”

rabad, turning over to her friend ag, who is was 5 year old little boy – “please put shoes on for me”

ag dutifully bent over and put her shoes on for her…

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  1. IdeaSmith says:

    LOL starting early, isn’t she?

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  3. meetu says:

    early!? scarily early, ideasmith! thanks for the link-centric post.

  4. the first part reminds me of an extremely tasteless joke i once heard. about…err never mind

  5. meetu says:

    Thanks Australopithecus for not sharing ;)

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