things sachin doesn’t know

Posted by meeta on June 25, 2011

rabad suddenly remarked – i wish sachin was our friend. (yes, yes – THE sachin, why would I write a post if it was anyone else. duh.) me – huh? why? (wondering if she noticed my schoolgirl crush. or if she had one for him) rabad – then he’d ask “when is your birthday?” and […Read More…]

Education – 2

Posted by navin on July 7, 2009

“Do you have any homework today, Abu?” I asked. “Yes, I have to draw some sea animal. But I can’t draw.” “Of course you can draw. Let me give you an idea.” So I showed him a picture of the Manta Ray from a book we had, and I gave him tips on how could […Read More…]


Posted by navin on July 4, 2009

I’ve never let my schooling interfere with my education – Mark Twain These days, I am telling the kids stories of Shivaji, and I happened to be talking about the fact that Dadoji Konddev was Shivaji’s teacher, and how he taught Shivaji horse-riding, archery with a bow and arrow, fighting with a sword etc. And […Read More…]

sense of belonging

Posted by meeta on May 21, 2009

abu-rabad are in mumbai with their grandparents for the past couple of weeks. no this is not about how i’m missing them…geez! anyway, so cricket and thus ipl comes up in our daily phone conversations. me – so, will you be excited if mumbai indians wins today or the deccan chargers? abu – i won’t […Read More…]

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