Strong words

Posted by meeta on October 21, 2013

I don’t remember the context now, but yesterday in a very serious tone , abu said – “You cannot trust anyone.” After a pause, “except yourself.” After a longer pause, “and your family.” I smiled a smile of relief and added, “and friends.” he- “naah” me – “no?” he – “not really. until you find […Read More…]

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What do you think of Mom?

Posted by navin on August 11, 2011

A couple of days, I saw a random email forward with humorous answers from kids to a bunch of questions. I decided to find out what kinds of answers would Abu and Rabad give to the same questions. So here goes. Why did God make mothers? [Abu]: Because if mother didn’t exist, you didn’t exist […Read More…]

Teacher vs. Science

Posted by navin on July 9, 2009

“Pappa, don’t give me milk today,” Abu announced this morning while getting ready for school. “Why?” “Because then I’ll vomit.” Kids learn random things like these from their friends, and we have to fight very hard to reverse the thought process once they get it stuck in their head. Telling them that am a more […Read More…]

in pursuit of happyness

Posted by meeta on January 28, 2009

  rabad (in the sweetest of tones) – i don’t want you as mamma, i want a different mamma me – ok rabad – pappa too. i want a different pappa me (feeling a tad better) – ok rabad – and you know what i’d tell the different mamma and pappa? me – what? rabad […Read More…]

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A 6-year old understands terror – part 2

Posted by navin on November 30, 2008

Earlier Meetu wrote about how Abu wanted to give minus points to the terrorists. We’ve had a few sporadic conversations about the terrorists in the following few days. Often, I read newspapers at the breakfast table. And sometimes Abu and Rabad want to know what I am reading, and I try to tell them the […Read More…]

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Mind it

Posted by navin on October 22, 2008

“I want water” It was 10pm. Rabad should have been asleep about an hour ago, but wasn’t. So she was slightly cranky too. But every once in a while, we decide that spoonfeeding is not on. “Go get it yourself from the fridge.” “But it dark there.” After about 5 minutes of fruitlessly trying to […Read More…]

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stars up in the sky and down here too

Posted by meeta on April 21, 2008

so, i’m in this phase of telling abu and rabad that songs are not just sounds but have actual words that mean things also. pat comes the question… abu – what does ‘taare zameen par‘ mean? me – it actually means “you”…children…aamir khan uncle is saying that all the children in the world are stars […Read More…]

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