Why is somebody saying “Why dont you die”?

Posted by navin on October 11, 2011

The following is a real conversation I had yesterday with Mr. X (who will remain nameless to save him public embarrassment :-)) over Facebook chat and SMS. I was sitting at my computer, and suddenly, without any warning or context, the following facebook chat message from Mr. X to me popped up: why dont u […Read More…]

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What do you think of Mom?

Posted by navin on August 11, 2011

A couple of days, I saw a random email forward with humorous answers from kids to a bunch of questions. I decided to find out what kinds of answers would Abu and Rabad give to the same questions. So here goes. Why did God make mothers? [Abu]: Because if mother didn’t exist, you didn’t exist […Read More…]


Posted by navin on July 30, 2011

These days, whenever Abu is supposed to be doing a time-limited activity, I often use the Online-Stopwatch.com. Thus, instead of simply saying “You can play the computer for half an hour,” I tell him to start the timer for 30 minutes, and tell him that he’s supposed to stop playing when the timer goes off. […Read More…]

Reading games for kids

Posted by navin on June 23, 2011

Rabad dislikes reading. More accurately, I think she would love to be able to read a lot, but is currently not able to, and hence finds reading frustrating. She loves me reading to her, but does not want to read herself. Mainly because she hasn’t yet mastered the basics of sight reading, and hence reading […Read More…]

Talking about Anna Hazare

Posted by navin on April 8, 2011

So I was explaining the whole Anna Hazare situation to Abu & Rabad, and realized that there was a lot of explaining to do. “You know, sometimes, our leaders take money from bad people and do bad things for them. That is called corruption. Is that a good thing?” “No” “What should happen to leaders […Read More…]

When I was a kid …

Posted by navin on November 17, 2010

Recently I received a “email forward” which listed the various ways in which the world has changed since I was a kid. Stuff like when I was a kid we didn’t have The Internet. If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the […Read More…]

Adulthood and Childhood

Posted by navin on August 23, 2010

Abu and Rabad’s cousin Pr___ (who is 18) was with us this weekend. She is starting college this week, and she will be staying in a hostel. Abu/Rabad’s friend Sw___ (who is 9 years old) was also with us on Sunday morning, and when we were all together, I asked the kids this question: “Pr___ […Read More…]

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Save the Earth

Posted by navin on February 26, 2010

As I walked into our apartment complex yesterday evening, Rabad was playing in the parking lot with a bunch of her friends. Upon seeing me she gave a whoop of joy, and came hugged me. Then, she got serious. “You know, Pappa, the earth is going to finish.” My first instinct was to say What […Read More…]

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The importance of being rich

Posted by navin on February 24, 2010

One morning, I was reading a Hardy Boys’ adventure to Abu. There’s a part where the Hardy boys visit the mansion of a rich man. When they’re about to leave, the rich man asks them to stay for some more time – he wants company; he gets very lonely in the mansion alone. “What’s ‘lonely’, […Read More…]

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Teacher vs. Science

Posted by navin on July 9, 2009

“Pappa, don’t give me milk today,” Abu announced this morning while getting ready for school. “Why?” “Because then I’ll vomit.” Kids learn random things like these from their friends, and we have to fight very hard to reverse the thought process once they get it stuck in their head. Telling them that am a more […Read More…]