some people are so mean…

Posted by meeta on October 15, 2015

abu-rabad on society, sensitivity and not-so current affairs…

abu hits bull’s eye

Posted by meeta on October 12, 2015

We were telling some friends about our decision to not have kids in the US and start a family only after moving back to India. More importantly, the discussion revolved around how relatives in the US gave me grief over not being able to convince Navin to stay back. Then the argument usually turned into, […Read More…]

Generation Gap

Posted by meeta on June 2, 2015

rabad is bored. It’s that time of the year again – the fag end of summer vacation. All the enthusiasm for a vacation has worn out. I can’t entertain her 24*7 (well, I can’t entertain her even .24*7, but that is another story). So, here she goes – “The kids of this generation have very […Read More…]

Strong words

Posted by meeta on October 21, 2013

I don’t remember the context now, but yesterday in a very serious tone , abu said – “You cannot trust anyone.” After a pause, “except yourself.” After a longer pause, “and your family.” I smiled a smile of relief and added, “and friends.” he- “naah” me – “no?” he – “not really. until you find […Read More…]

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D K Bose – Demystified

Posted by meeta on November 10, 2011

I like to think of myself as a liberal person. But, some things just don’t feel right. Like, having your 6-8 year old girls choreograph a dance to ‘sheila ki jawani’ and the adults will later watch the performance. Even if it is a private party for a few close families. Even if everyone’s daughter […Read More…]


Posted by navin on July 30, 2011

These days, whenever Abu is supposed to be doing a time-limited activity, I often use the Thus, instead of simply saying “You can play the computer for half an hour,” I tell him to start the timer for 30 minutes, and tell him that he’s supposed to stop playing when the timer goes off. […Read More…]

cross-check and follow-up

Posted by meeta on June 25, 2008

so, the day before hubby dear had this conversation with rabad… rabad – “mamma, when i grow up, i’ll have a pee-pee like abu, right?” (i think i sensed hopefulness in her tone) me – “no baby, we were made girls and girls pee-pees are different from boys” rabad – “but, why?” me – “uh…..that’s […Read More…]

hot girl na

Posted by meeta on January 30, 2008

this was when we went to watch om shanti om. during the “31 star” song, rabad started screaming “om shanti om” at the top of her voice, every time they said it – which is like 256 times. anyways, i tried to “shhhhushhh” her. “mumma, they are shouting “om shanti om”, i am only copying […Read More…]

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shaka laka !@#$ %^&*

Posted by meeta on January 30, 2008

I was telling a group of friends how anurag kashyap hated the dialogues he wrote for Shakalaka Boom Boom and that he wrote a post titled shaka laka fuck fuck at Passion for Cinema. rabad, who i thought was sleeping, asks …”mamma, what did that uncle say?” hubby dear – “Shakalaka boom boom” rabad – […Read More…]

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a mighty heart

Posted by meeta on January 30, 2008

we usually watch violent movies or movies that are too serious for the kids, when the kids are sleeping. so, it turns out that the movies that we’d like to catch in the theater are seen with two seats reserved for the two sleeping babies. and most times they sleep through the movie one morning, […Read More…]

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