D K Bose – Demystified

Posted by meeta on November 10, 2011

I like to think of myself as a liberal person. But, some things just don’t feel right. Like, having your 6-8 year old girls choreograph a dance to ‘sheila ki jawani’ and the adults will later watch the performance. Even if it is a private party for a few close families. Even if everyone’s daughter […Read More…]

joke: veggies

Posted by meeta on February 23, 2010

navin, abu, rabad and i went out for dinner a couple of days ago. i’m the only vegetarian in the foursome. abu confirms – mamma, are you vegetarian? me (confused, he already knows that!) – yeah abu – you know what? if everyone on this table was a vegetarian, this would be a vegetable! HA […Read More…]

Education – 2

Posted by navin on July 7, 2009

“Do you have any homework today, Abu?” I asked. “Yes, I have to draw some sea animal. But I can’t draw.” “Of course you can draw. Let me give you an idea.” So I showed him a picture of the Manta Ray from a book we had, and I gave him tips on how could […Read More…]

Too Funny

Posted by navin on January 5, 2009

Now Abu and Rabad are both aware of this blog, and every once in a while, they want to see the site. Abu can actually read the posts with help from us on the more difficult words. So now, apparently, they want more creative control. If you remember, the title of the last post was […Read More…]


Posted by meeta on November 17, 2008

every once in a while, rabad comes up to me, extremely dissatisfied with life, “why didn’t you give me two names, why do i have only one?” me: of course, you have two…the other one is rabad, see… rabad (in full form – curled brows, the hint of a tear in left eye, and all): […Read More…]

round and round

Posted by meeta on March 25, 2008

this was when she was 3 months away from being 4 … no instructions from no one and no one asked her to do it either…i am sure you can sense the pride i feel…

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Posted by meeta on February 11, 2008

sort-of breaking my promise not to write anything here that can embarrass the kids when they are older *ahem*… so, abu’s zip was open this afternoon. me – abu, your zip is open… abu – hehehe…chain khuli ki main khuli * * * p.s. 1 – zips are also called chains (in India), “khuli” means […Read More…]

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