abu & rabad are our children and yes these are their real names. at first we called abu axxx-babu, but at moments of eternal love and amidst loads of hugs and kisses, we felt the need to call him abu.

then there is rabad. inescapably sweet, she reminds us of an indian milk-based sweet delicacy called rabadi.

Now how much more real can we get?

While many moments – make that hours – of parenting led us to say, “and why did we do this, again? … and again?”, there are those moments which make us wish they were hours. insightful, witty, outright hilarious – here’s our attempt at articulating abu and rabad’s worlds.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Gaurav says:

    I just wonder if you are not violating your kids rights to privacy ..aint you? You are actually broadcasting thier lives without thier consent…..just ma opinion.. though

  2. meetu says:

    we did give it some thought, Gaurav, and that’s why decided on not mentioning their real names. And have a no photos policy. Other than that, these incidents are not really top secrets. They are okay with it when we tell our friends about it. There is stuff that they say that we don’t put up here, because it could be considered very private by them. yep!

    Thanks for the concern, Gaurav!

  3. I have no idea how I got here but I thoroughly enjoyed every single post… keep writing..

  4. meetu says:

    Hey MM,

    I used to follow your older blog a year or so ago, and one fine day it was made private. Thanks for stopping by…and i should really find a way to keep this space updated more often.

  5. rgc says:

    Met you at the blogcamp at Microsoft in Mumbai and landed on this site.You children are absolutely cute!!! I have to meet them and hear their stories!!! Love this blog.Please update more often!! Kisses and hugs to the babies!

  6. meetu says:

    @rgc…will do, will certainly do…

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