B is for Bad Poetry

Just discovered the (bad) poetry of Pamela August Russell.

Contains such fun verses like:

Security Question (Please Choose One)

A) What is your mother’s maiden name?
B) What is the name of your first pet?
C) What is it with your heart that it breaks so easy?


Tea For Two (A Tragedy)

It wasn’t until after
I poured the second
Cup that I realized
I was alone

and also:

You with the stars in your eyes
Put them back in the sky
You are ruining it for the rest of us

This reminds me of Grooks by Piet Hien:

Problems worthy
of attack
prove their worth
by hitting back.


Taking fun
as simply fun
and earnestness
in earnest
shows how thoroughly
thou none
of the two


We ought to live
each day as though
it were our last day
here below.

But if I did, alas,
I know
it would have killed me
long ago.


A poet should be of the
old-fahioned meaningless brand:
obscure, esoteric, symbolic, —
the critics demand it;
so if there’s a poem of mine
that you do understand
I’ll gladly explain what it means
till you don’t understand it.

and finally:

Here lies, extinguished in his prime,
a victim of modernity:
but yesterday he hadn’t the time —
and now he has eternity.