Why is somebody saying “Why dont you die”?

Posted by navin on October 11, 2011

The following is a real conversation I had yesterday with Mr. X (who will remain nameless to save him public embarrassment :-)) over Facebook chat and SMS. I was sitting at my computer, and suddenly, without any warning or context, the following facebook chat message from Mr. X to me popped up: why dont u […Read More…]

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Adulthood and Childhood

Posted by navin on August 23, 2010

Abu and Rabad’s cousin Pr___ (who is 18) was with us this weekend. She is starting college this week, and she will be staying in a hostel. Abu/Rabad’s friend Sw___ (who is 9 years old) was also with us on Sunday morning, and when we were all together, I asked the kids this question: “Pr___ […Read More…]

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current affairs: bt brinjal

Posted by meeta on February 24, 2010

it is a morning ritual between father and kids. he reads them the newspaper, explains what’s on and off in the world, and answers their questions. today was bt brinjal’s turn. i tuned in towards the fag end of the conversation between navin and rabad. (i think it was because navin wanted to show rabad’s […Read More…]

negative marking

Posted by meeta on November 27, 2008

i wake up to the news of my city, mumbai, under attack. the discussion between navin & me and the terrified look on my face while reading the newspaper draws abu to the newspaper too. i try to hide the horrid pictures from him while typing out text messages to friends and family. abu – […Read More…]

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water disputes

Posted by meeta on November 26, 2008

in our recent trip to Sikkim, both abu and rabad took their turns to fall ill. in fact, abu was on his 3rd day of anti-biotics when we left. now, usually, we don’t depend on bottled water. we believe that little illnesses are good for the immune system in the long run. but, since this […Read More…]

God is great

Posted by navin on November 21, 2008

Yesterday in the afternoon, I was walking Rabad to the daycare. It was sunny and hot. “Pappa, is winter over?” “No baby. It is still winter, but for some reason it is hot today.” “Oh. I want winter back. I like the cold” Later, in the evening, unexpectedly it rained. The kids were playing downstairs, […Read More…]

cross-check and follow-up

Posted by meeta on June 25, 2008

so, the day before hubby dear had this conversation with rabad… rabad – “mamma, when i grow up, i’ll have a pee-pee like abu, right?” (i think i sensed hopefulness in her tone) me – “no baby, we were made girls and girls pee-pees are different from boys” rabad – “but, why?” me – “uh…..that’s […Read More…]

tears of joy – not cliche anymore

Posted by meeta on May 5, 2008

for the first time yesterday morning, abu tread water in the pool without any floats!!!! now, he is all excited about learning how to swim fast (translated to breathing, moving hands and legs in coordination, etc – because according to him he already knows how to swim, you see, he can be in water without […Read More…]

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