what’s this film about: dil bole hadippa

Posted by meeta on February 17, 2010

it has now become customary for abu to ask me “what’s it about?” every time i watch a film. turns out, dil bole hadippa, is playing on one of the tv channels soon. so, abu – mamma, what’s dil bole hadippa about? me – well rani mukherjee plays a girl who absolutely loves cricket and […Read More…]

definition: foreigner

Posted by meeta on February 17, 2010

abu – accent speaking people * * * this statement of abu’s reminded us of an observation he had made some 2 years ago. a friend of ours was visiting us from the US. she had come with her kids. now her older son is as old as abu. And abu and he were good […Read More…]

but what will you write

Posted by meeta on July 3, 2009

abu – which movie did you watch yesterday? me – Kambakkht Ishq abu – how was it? me – BAAADDD! abu – why? me – it didn’t have a story. abu (all tense and worried) – then what will you write? me – i will write about the acting, the jokes, the story – not […Read More…]

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It’s all very simple

Posted by meeta on September 1, 2008

our cousin spent the day with us yesterday. she had an interesting conversation with abu-rabad, which i asked her to jot down for your reading pleasure. over to babli, abu-rabad’s 24 year old, buaji (paternal aunt)… * * * Abu was busy writing a story and Rabad was completing her drawing. Suddenly Rabad asked me, […Read More…]

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stars up in the sky and down here too

Posted by meeta on April 21, 2008

so, i’m in this phase of telling abu and rabad that songs are not just sounds but have actual words that mean things also. pat comes the question… abu – what does ‘taare zameen par‘ mean? me – it actually means “you”…children…aamir khan uncle is saying that all the children in the world are stars […Read More…]

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shaka laka !@#$ %^&*

Posted by meeta on January 30, 2008

I was telling a group of friends how anurag kashyap hated the dialogues he wrote for Shakalaka Boom Boom and that he wrote a post titled shaka laka fuck fuck at Passion for Cinema. rabad, who i thought was sleeping, asks …”mamma, what did that uncle say?” hubby dear – “Shakalaka boom boom” rabad – […Read More…]

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