D K Bose – Demystified

Posted by meeta on November 10, 2011

I like to think of myself as a liberal person. But, some things just don’t feel right. Like, having your 6-8 year old girls choreograph a dance to ‘sheila ki jawani’ and the adults will later watch the performance. Even if it is a private party for a few close families. Even if everyone’s daughter […Read More…]

what’s this film about: dil bole hadippa

Posted by meeta on February 17, 2010

it has now become customary for abu to ask me “what’s it about?” every time i watch a film. turns out, dil bole hadippa, is playing on one of the tv channels soon. so, abu – mamma, what’s dil bole hadippa about? me – well rani mukherjee plays a girl who absolutely loves cricket and […Read More…]

but what will you write

Posted by meeta on July 3, 2009

abu – which movie did you watch yesterday? me – Kambakkht Ishq abu – how was it? me – BAAADDD! abu – why? me – it didn’t have a story. abu (all tense and worried) – then what will you write? me – i will write about the acting, the jokes, the story – not […Read More…]

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Posted by meeta on November 17, 2008

every once in a while, rabad comes up to me, extremely dissatisfied with life, “why didn’t you give me two names, why do i have only one?” me: of course, you have two…the other one is rabad, see… rabad (in full form – curled brows, the hint of a tear in left eye, and all): […Read More…]

hot girl na

Posted by meeta on January 30, 2008

this was when we went to watch om shanti om. during the “31 star” song, rabad started screaming “om shanti om” at the top of her voice, every time they said it – which is like 256 times. anyways, i tried to “shhhhushhh” her. “mumma, they are shouting “om shanti om”, i am only copying […Read More…]

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a mighty heart

Posted by meeta on January 30, 2008

we usually watch violent movies or movies that are too serious for the kids, when the kids are sleeping. so, it turns out that the movies that we’d like to catch in the theater are seen with two seats reserved for the two sleeping babies. and most times they sleep through the movie one morning, […Read More…]

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