cross-check and follow-up

Posted by meeta on June 25, 2008

so, the day before hubby dear had this conversation with rabad… rabad – “mamma, when i grow up, i’ll have a pee-pee like abu, right?” (i think i sensed hopefulness in her tone) me – “no baby, we were made girls and girls pee-pees are different from boys” rabad – “but, why?” me – “uh…..that’s […Read More…]

Better she worries about this than I do

Posted by navin on June 25, 2008

“I wanted to be a boy,” said Rabad to me, out of the blue, a couple of days back. This is a common refrain with her. “Why?” “Because I want a pee-pee like boys.” Mamma and I have had this conversation with her before, so I knew what to say. “But then you would not […Read More…]